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Apple Pencil Pro is here to serve you better than you thought. This second-generation Apple Pencil is perfect for sketching, coloring, taking notes, and other noteworthy tasks. Offering pixel-perfect accuracy and the simplest latency in the industry, you can use the Apple Pencil Pro for simple and natural tasks just the way you use your official pencil. Double-tap the interface to start your sketching. Apple Pencil Pro uses its intuition to make this double-tapping possible.

Apple has licensed the right to the Apple Pencil Pro price in Bangladesh. And since then, it hasn't stopped gaining popularity among iPad users, because of how friendly users find the features of the Apple Pencil Pro.

Essential Features of Apple Pencil Pro

Write and draw naturally with a Pencil that doesn't break. Apple Pencil Pro has line weights, subtle shading, and a wide range of artistic effects. See more features:

  • Apple Pencil Pro has a stylus that offers perfect pixel accuracy in drawing, working and giving finishing touch to your work. The Apple Pencil Pro is good for many Apple iPads. The pencil uses its magnetic field to attract attachment and pairing.  More like a school pencil, but the Apple Pencil is more than just writing and drawing. You can use the Apple Pencil to design a complex document.

  • This pencil can also find use in the design of an on-site building. Whether retouching layers in photos, or you see a surprising selection of notes in an instrument, Apple Pencil Pro is good at all. Its apps are uniquely qualified to meet the requirements of the features the Pencil offers. Therefore, it's okay to say Apple Pencil Pro has an unparalleled versatility.

  • Imagine changing tools without setting them down. This is precisely what you do with Apple Pencil Pro. This function is only feasible with the intuitive touch surface nature of the Pencil. Double tap to get going on this function. To sketch thicker lines, press harder. Press lightly on the screen for thinner lines. Tilt to create shade. Apple Pencil Pro is fast and reliable. Feel at home. Rest your hand on the screen while you use it.

  • The Apple Pencil Pro is programmed to function just like a pencil. So, whether you're an iPad Pro user, or the iPad user, the pencil has the design that suits your device. You don't have to worry about battery draining, since the device charges and pairs automatically with its flat edge that works with magnetic force. Although this Pencil offers no warranty, the Apple Pencil Pro price in Bangladesh is affordable.

Apple Pencil Pro Price in Bangladesh

Apple Pencil Pro price in Bangladesh is up for grabs this May. Check with an authorized Apple retailer — stock for an update on the current Apple Pencil Pro Price in Bangladesh. Get a Pencil that works with various iPad models and gives details for drawing and note-taking. Since you're asking, what is the price of Apple Pencil Pro in Bangladesh? I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the current Apple Pencil Pro price in Bangladesh. But first, a little about stock.

Apple Pencil Pro (for iPad Pro users) Price in Bangladesh 

Get an Apple Pencil for iPad in Bangladesh at the best price from istock. This pencil elucidates the power of  iPad Pro and gives you access to creativity. It’s sensitive to pressure and tilt. Therefore, it is easy for you to vary line weight, create subtle shading, and produce a wide range of artistic effects like the conventional pencil. Its pixel-perfect precision makes this a possibility. Get the Apple Pencil Pro in Bangladesh for 16,500 BDT. 

Give your iPad Pro access to a lot of creative features, such as:

  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity

  • Position, angle, and force transmission

  • Excellent sketching, writing, and annotation

  • Mail and notes App compatibility 

  • Third-party Apps compatibility 

  • About 12 hours of battery life

  • About 15 seconds charge for 30 minutes of use

  • iPad Pro compatibility

Apple Pencil Pro (for iPad Air users) Price in Bangladesh

If you're an iPad Air user, the Apple Pencil Pro price in BD is the same as the iPad Pro users. The current price of the Apple Pencil Pro in Bangladesh is at a range of 10 500 BDT to 15,079.19 BDT, all features observed.

Where to Buy Apple Pencil Pro?

iStock BD is reliable and famous for all types of Apple products. It is always needed to buy your product from an authentic shop to avoid scams and ensure authenticity. Are you looking for an authentic shop? Check out Istock to get the best service in town!

Wrap Up

Finally, the Apple Pencil Pro is the most recent and advanced pencil. This pencil works only for the latest tablets such as the 11 inch iPad Air M2 and the 11 & 13 -inch iPad Pro. The Apple Pencil Pro Price in Bangladesh varies from 10,500 BDT to 15, 079.19 BDT. The difference in price may depend on the site of purchase. Why are you still waiting? Explore istock and pick an Apple Pencil Pro of your choice.