iStock BD Successfully Concludes Productivity Training Workshop Mastered by MS Khan

iStock BD Successfully Concludes Productivity Training Workshop Mastered by MS Khan

iStock BD, a Renowned Premium Apple Reseller in Bangladesh, successfully concluded a productivity training workshop on 13 February 2023. The training was conducted by MS Khan, a renowned corporate trainer and business consultant.

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The training was focused on two key areas: mastering the art of sales and understanding organizational behavior. The first session of the training emphasized on getting a winning mindset, effective communication skills, and advanced selling techniques. A creative listening development game was also played to enhance the participants' skills.

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The second session of the training focused on understanding the corporate culture, time management skills, and conflict resolution. The participants were given an in-depth understanding of how to manage their time effectively, handle conflicts in a professional manner, and work within the organizational culture.

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The training was highly interactive and engaging, allowing participants to learn through practical exercises and real-life strategies. The participants appreciated the trainer's expertise and knowledge, and the training was highly rated for its effectiveness.

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iStock BD is committed to providing its employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. This productivity training workshop is just one of the many initiatives that the organization takes to achieve this goal.

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The success of this training workshop reinforces iStock BD's commitment to its employees' professional development and is an example of the organization's dedication to delivering high-quality training programs.


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