OTA Mega Meetup 2023 iStock BD

OTA Mega Meetup 2023 iStock BD

Online Tech Academy (OTA) held a grand event on 10/01/2023, where the CEO of iStock BD, the Head of Business, and all OTA members were present. The event was a celebration of the success and achievements of OTA, as well as an opportunity to recognize its members' hard work and dedication.

During the event, the iStock BD CEO received a gift from OTA, and he expressed his gratitude for the recognition. The atmosphere was celebratory and filled with excitement and achievement, as the OTA program has been a great success since its beginning.

The OTA team, including op-notch professionals from various tech-related fields, presented cutting-edge ideas and concepts that fascinated the audience. iStock BD's CEO delivered a keynote speech and shared their vast knowledge and experience in the tech industry.


The event was a great networking opportunity, and attendees had the chance to meet and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for technology. The OTA team was on hand to answer questions and guide those seeking to further their knowledge and expertise.

The program includes a wide range of courses and training programs, which specialists teach in their respective fields. The courses are designed to be flexible and accessible, allowing employees to learn in their own field.

At the OTA ceremony, the event's highlight was the prize winner's announcement. The lucky winner was presented with an iPhone 14, and the crowd cheered and celebrated as they held the award with a big smiles. Others around them congratulated them on their success, which was a testament to the effectiveness of the OTA program.

Overall, the OTA program has been a great success, and the event MEGA MEETUP 2023 iStock BD on 10/01/2023 was a celebration of its members' hard work and dedication. The program has provided valuable education and training to individuals, helping them to achieve their career goals and aspirations.