All About Apple Watch Series 8

All About Apple Watch Series 8

The best smartwatch currently on the market, the Apple Watch Series 8, now has crash detection, a low power mode, and a skin temperature sensor.

Series 8 stands out, however, primarily because of its appearance and watchOS 9.

The interior is where the Apple Watch Series 8 differs significantly from the Apple Watch Series 7. The next Apple Watch has a low-power mode that potentially increases battery life to 36 hours and a long-rumored skin temperature sensor. The Apple Watch 8's improved motion sensors and new accident detection feature will provide fast assistance when you need it most.


Price and accessibility of the Apple Watch Series 8






Aluminum GPS



Aluminum GPS + Cellular




The Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch SE are the additional two Apple Watch versions available this year (2022). The starting pricing for the domestic Apple Watch SE was BDT32,000.


Apple Watch Series 8: Design

The Apple Watch 8 is practically impossible to distinguish from the Apple Watch 7 thanks to the new timepiece's curved frame and reduced display bezels, which debuted last year. The new watchOS's nine faces, Always-On Display, and QWERTY keyboard for texting work best on this screen. It is 20% bigger than the Apple Watch Series 6's screen.

 Apple Watch Series 8 design

Yes, I've had the Apple Watch Series 7 for a year, and it has all of these features. However, I'll presume that anyone switching from an older Apple Watch device will find the makeover a significant upgrade. Be ready for a more extensive usable screen area if you're considering an upgrade from an Apple Watch Series 5 or 4.

On the side of the device are the unmistakable digital crown and side button, which work with the touchscreen to control the Apple Watch Series 8's navigation. Although the Apple Watch Series 8 might utilize an action button on the side like the Apple Watch Ultra, the design is still quite user-friendly.

Several colors are available for the Apple Watch Series 8, including Midnight, Silver, Starlight, and Product Red. Although no blue or green watches are available, I don't feel discouraged. You may customize your Apple Watch by locating the most influential bands for your taste.


Skin temperature sensor for the Apple Watch Series 8

In more detail, let's examine the skin temperature sensor that Apple adds in this version. Apple's health suite uses the skin temperature sensor to measure sleep and track exercise. When it comes to sleep, variations from the nighttime baseline temperature may aid in monitoring the outside influences on your typical slumber. Consider travelling or staying out late.

If I were trying to become pregnant, the Apple Watch Series 8 might predict my ovulation windows using information from my period monitor and wrist temperature. It has been shown that variations in wrist temperature are accurate indicators of potential ovulation (opens in new tab).


Alternatively, nighttime wrist temperature data could provide you with a sense of validation if you have a disease that affects your cycle. I have PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, which requires that I follow specific lifestyle habits in order to keep my ovulation cycle "regular" (as seen in the Apple Women's Health Study).If the data from my wrist temperature in a given month is incorrect, it can indicate that I need to improve how I manage my symptoms. It's important to remember that this function requires at least a month to calibrate; therefore, I'll need to post additional information about my experience after that.

Apple Watch Series 8: Crash protection

Unfortunately, automotive accidents can occur, so I hope no one ever needs to use the new crash detection feature on the Apple Watch Series 8 device. The Apple Watch has always featured fall detection and emergency SOS functions, but Series 8's improved motion sensors make it feasible for crash detection, a new type of safety aid.


The Apple Watch Series 8 sports an improved gyroscope, accelerometer and two additional motion sensors. Together, they can capture motion four times quicker than they could, enabling the watch to identify crashes precisely as they happen. Additionally, the Apple Watch will immediately contact emergency services and alert your emergency contacts in the tragic event of an accident. Getting help sooner can be the difference between life and death, even if it's a dreadful thought.

 Apple Watch Crash Detection

One way the Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch SE (2022) compare is in terms of crash detection, which may promote safety without costing more. I wish this applied to an Apple Watch Ultra function, but we'll get to that momentarily.


Battery life on the Apple Watch Series 8 in low-power mode


Low power mode has been on my Wishlist for the Apple Watch Series 8 for a long time. Yes, older Apple Watch models include a Power Reserve feature that allows you to view the time even when the watch is almost entirely dead. However, the Apple Watch's new low-power mode will block some power-hungry functions while keeping the gadget mostly functional, stealing a practical setting from the iPhone.

From the control center, it's simple to activate Apple Watch low power mode, and it will inform you of the capabilities that sacrifice. You will momentarily lose cellular connectivity, continuous health sensor readings, and Always-On Display. Depending on the circumstance, you may set the low power mode to expire automatically after one, two, or three days.

Under normal use, the Apple Watch Series 8's battery life is rated at 18 hours. The watch can run in low-power mode for up to 36 hours. Although I usually charge my Apple Watch in the morning, I discovered that utilizing low-power mode even for a short while during the day allowed me to use it much past the 24-hour mark.

The Series 8 can charge similarly: a fast charger can charge it from 0% to 100% in roughly an hour, and 8 minutes before bed can provide 8 hours of sleep monitoring. The new AirPods Pro 2 may now be charged via the Apple Watch magnetic charger, providing consumers who own both devices with some cable consolidation.


WatchOS 9 review for the Apple Watch Series 8


See our tutorial on upgrading your Apple Watch if you still need to use the low power mode on one of the watchOS 9-enabled devices. A few watchOS nine features, even if they aren't "exclusive," stuck out while using the Apple Watch Series 8.

With watchOS 9, the Apple Watch's fitness tracking interface underwent a significant upgrade. Now, you can design unique routines, switch between multisport events automatically, and keep track of your heart rate zones while working out. I appreciated being able to monitor my zones for aerobic and HIIT exercises, as heart rate-based training may promote good recovery. Everything appeared to be as accurate and responsive as the most incredible fitness trackers.

I also enjoy how the workout app's revamped user interface now shows your Apple Watch rings; in the past, I would regularly quit the program to check on my progress. During each exercise session, my rings are visible on the screen of my iPhone or iPad. My utilization of Apple Fitness Plus is true. Although having an Apple Watch makes for the most significant experience, exercising without one is now feasible.

I also frequently utilize watchOS 9's brand-new Medications app. Once I set up my prescriptions in the Health app on my iPhone, my Apple Watch Series 8 started alerting me to keep track of my consumption. This started happening at the same time every day. Even when I switched time zones, it adjusted and warned me of potential interactions that I should be aware of.

Recently, I've started using a couple Apple Watch applications that I really enjoy. You should give it if/when you get a new Apple Watch. I'm always looking for the best ones. I've been using SwingVision to improve my tennis playing, and Headspace has helped me practice daily mindfulness meditation. My go-to app for staying hydrated is called WaterMinder.


Case materials and colors for the Apple Watch Series 8


The Apple Watch Series 8 is obtainable in two casing materials and a few vibrant shades.

  • Aluminum
  • Steel, Stainless

There are four color options for the less expensive Aluminum version:

  • Starlight¬†
  • Silver¬†
  • Product Red¬†
  • Midnight

The Midnight, Starlight, and Product Red hues are identical to those that were available with the metal Apple Watch Series 7 from Apple. The only new model is the Silver one, which has a polished metal appearance.


Comparison of the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra


The Apple Watch Ultra stands apart from previous smartwatches the company has released in the past; it is anticipated to be the most significant and durable Apple Watch ever. On the other hand, there has been a little improvement with the Apple Watch Series 8. A few differences between the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra include size, aesthetics, and capability.

Since I don't have any imminent intentions to go deep sea diving with the Apple Watch Series 8, it makes sense that the Apple Watch Ultra has some features that the Apple Watch Series 8 does not. The siren, though, is a function of the Apple Watch Ultra that Apple should have attempted to include in the Series 8.

 Apple Watch Series 8 vs Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra has a new speaker technology that allows for a siren that is 86 decibels loud. I wish the regular Apple Watch had a siren app that could be used in an emergency, even though it's not nearly as loud. Personal safety is a huge issue, not just in the wide outdoors but even in the city where I reside.

 Thankfully, the revised compass app featured on the Apple Watch Ultra is also available on the Apple Watch Series 8. On a recent trip, I utilized the new waypoints tool to store photo opportunities (also known as places of interest), and the new backtrack feature successfully returned me to my car.

 These GPS features are available on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and many of the best Garmin watches, in fact. Still, it's simpler to say that the Apple Watch Series 8 is the most incredible sports watch for everyday outdoor activities.

However, if you're genuinely interested in adventures, you could discover that the Apple Watch Ultra offers more. After thoroughly evaluating it, we'll give you our assessment of the Apple Watch Ultra.


Final Judgment: Apple Watch Series 8 


The Apple Watch Series 8 is superior to the Series 7 thanks to the skin temperature sensor, crash detection function, and low power mode. Still, the design and watchOS 9‚ÄĒneither of which are "exclusive"‚ÄĒelevate the user experience.

Anyone searching for a fully featured Watch experience should upgrade to the Series 8 if they own an Apple Watch Series 4 or Series 5. 

It will also be an excellent substitute for anyone with health conditions like aFib that the Apple Watch Series 8 can assist monitor.


  1. Where can you get the Apple Watch Series 8 in Bangladesh with the best price??

Ans: You can get the apple watch series 8 in iStock BD at the best price.

  1. What is the pricing of the Apple Watch Series 8 at launch?

Ans: The introductory price is BDT54,000

  1. Is it a good decision to buy Apple Watch Series 8?

Ans: From the above discussion, we suggest you buy Apple Watch Series 8