Apple Pencil (3rd generation)

Apple Pencil (3rd generation)

Apple is working on a third-generation version of the Apple Pencil. However, there has not been any news on when it will be released or which iPads will remove.

We know little about what a next-generation Apple Pencil may include, but this guide covers all we know.


According to a leaked image of the third-generation Apple Pencil, it would look identical to the second-generation model, with the same shorter body featured in the previous iteration.

The first-generation Apple Pencil was larger and thicker than the second-generation device, which had a flat edge that enables inductive charging via an iPad.

The third-generation model looks the same as the first; however, it is constructed of a glossy substance and has a modified tip design.

Prior Apple Pencil designs had a small screw-on tip; however, the current version looks to have bigger information that screws into the Apple Pencil. The revised tip design's function is unknown at this time.


 Mr. White, the leaker who revealed photographs of the third-generation Apple Pencil, stated that the next version would be available in black and white.

Apple Pencil 3rd generation concept

The original and second-generation Apple Pencil devices were offered in white hue.


The Apple Pencil is likely to include all of the capabilities of the second-generation device, as well as minimal latency and compatibility with the most recent iPad models.

All of Apple's iPads support the Apple Pencil; however, the second-generation Apple Pencil was confined to the iPad Pro and iPad Air, implying that a third-generation model might be unique to future models.

Apple Pencil 3 hover concept

Inductive charging for the iPad expecting, as is gesture support. What new features offer at this stage? Apple has patented a color-sensing technology that would allow the Apple Pencil to sample colors from the surroundings, but there is yet to be any news on whether it will realize that notion.

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Rumors predicted that the new Apple Pencil would release alongside new iPad Pro models in the first half of 2021, but no new Apple Pencil has been shown. It's still determining when or if we'll see this new third-generation Apple Pencil revealed by leakers.