A new Apple HomePod Mini Release Date, Price and Full Specification in Bangladesh

A new Apple HomePod Mini Release Date, Price and Full Specification in Bangladesh

It's been more than three years since the HomePod speaker was revealed by Apple. Apple released a series of software upgrades at the time enhanced the device's functionality, but it made no progress in the market for smart home audio products.

With the introduction of the HomePod mini, the latest smaller HomePod with a smaller price, that could be about to change.

The HomePod mini will start at BDT 9500 and will be available on 6 November for pre-order and on 16 November for purchase. In Bangladesh istockbd.com are going to take pre order for HopePod in November and iPhone 12 pro and pro max from next Friday.

HomePod price in Bangladesh

HomePod mini design

Elements, such as the mesh fabric and the Space Grey and white options, so it is certainly an Apple item, but the new look is very distinct from the HomePod.

It's not a shrunk HomePod. It has a shape that's more spherical.

As for height, compared to the regular 7-in HomePod, the HomePod is just 3.3 in wide.

HomePod price in Bangladesh

HomePod mini features

The three-year - old HomePod is already very powerful and many of the features will be balanced by the new HomePod mini.

The HomePod has improved over time with software updates: iOS 13 brought the ability to recognize your voice for Siri on the HomePod, iOS 14 purchased the option to select a third-party music streaming service such as Spotify as your default. Read about what HomePod can do here.

All these features will be available on the HomePod mini as well, but with this model, there are some nice new features that Apple is introducing (which we imagine will also be available to users of the original).First up-it is possible to use the HomePod as an Intercom. You can record a message on one smart speaker and have it transmitted to other Apple speakers at home-like AirPods-if you have more than one HomePod or HomePod mini in your home. During a workout, and even on your Apple Watch, you will also be able to send these intercom messages from the car (via CarPlay) or from your AirPods. And you never need to come again unannounced.

HomePod price in Bangladesh

Also, if you have two or more HomePods, you can sync your music around the house, or build a stereo pair using two HomePods or HomePods mini in one room. Again, this is not a feature exclusive to the HomePod mini, but it is possible that individuals would be more willing to purchase two HomePod mini than they were when the original and expensive HomePod was first added to the stereo feature.

Finally, when your iPhone is nearby, there are some cool visual affects you can see on the top of your HomePod mini, and when your iPhone and HomePod mini attach, a new Handoff-style feature coming later this year will give you haptic feedback.

HomePod mini sound

In terms of sound quality, the original HomePod would probably beat the HomePod mini, but that is to be expected. The HomePod features a high-excursion woofer and a seven-tweeter array-there is literally no space for that inside the HomePod mini.

HomePod price in Bangladesh

Instead, the HomePod mini uses its S5 processor to process complex algorithms that, according to Apple, allow it to generate balanced and fine-tuned sound.

Apple states that to produce the complete, precise tones of a much larger speaker, the HomePod mini uses computational audio.

The company also explains that there is a special acoustic waveguide that directs sound out of the speaker's bottom, providing a continuous sound field of 360 degrees regardless of where you are in the room. This is the equivalent of Spatial Awareness, a feature only available for the HomePod, which also analyzes the acoustics and adjusts the sound-based on the speaker's location.

Thanks to this acoustic waveguide developed by Apple, the speaker can be located for 360-degree audio anywhere in a room.

HomePod mini price

It'll cost BDT 9500 for the HomePod mini.

We think a cheaper HomePod is something that has long been needed by Apple. The competition from Apple in this industry-Amazon and Google-have similarly priced high-end speaker’s equivalent to the HomePod, but they also have low-cost speakers beginning at just BDT 4800 for the Echo Dot (which is also sold for BDT 2800).

Although certain individuals are prepared to pay more for high-quality audio, not everyone is prepared to spend a lot of money, and many people are unaware of the difference in sound quality and there is more than enough for a BDT 4800 speaker. Hopefully, for them, BDT 9500 won't be too much.

It is no wonder that Apple’s initial HomePod failed to take the world by storm when you know that there are speakers that are more than sufficient for most individuals. It cost a whopping BDT 30500 / 32500 when Apple introduced the HomePod. Apple made an effort to fix the problem when it cut the HomePod price back in April 2019, so it now costs BDT 28500/30500 (You can purchase it directly from Apple here and now it is discounted to BDT 19500 by different resellers).

Although there are similarly-priced Amazon and Google speakers, they are not as popular as the cheaper alternatives that companies produce.

Apple seems to have come to the conclusion that a low-cost solution was required if it was to make some noise in the smart speaker industry.

This isn't the first time such a move has been made. "Apple has always launched an entry-level model from the iPod to the iPad to appease the masses, and that's exactly how Tim Cook of Apple described this introduction during the video presentation:" Bring the experience to even more people.