7 Best iPad Pro Apps: Unlock the Full Potential

7 Best iPad Pro Apps: Unlock the Full Potential

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your iPad Pro? It's a powerhouse that can do so much more! Whether you want to write lengthy documents, unleash your inner artist, transform your handwriting into text, or simply kick back and enjoy a magazine or game, your iPad Pro has got you covered. All you need is your creative flair, an Apple Pencil, and these 7 Best iPad Pro apps that will take your iPad Pro experience to new heights.

The Best iPad Pro Apps

We have handpicked a list of seven amazing apps that truly optimize the capabilities of your ipad Pro. We have also provided a concise overview of their respective pros and cons. Let's dive into the exciting words of the best iPad Pro apps and discover how they can revolutionize the way you work, create and enjoy your device.

1. Linea Sketch

Linea Sketch, one of the best free apps for iPad Pro, is not just an ordinary sketching app; it's a creative powerhouse that opens up a world of possibilities. With its support for drawing layers, you can create stunning artworks by easily rearranging layers in front of or behind others.

The app provides a variety of pens, color palettes, and background textures to bring your drawings to life with vibrant details. And if you ever need to make adjustments, the transform tool allows you to effortlessly cut, copy, and paste specific portions of your artwork.


  • More capable drawing app than the free Apple Notes app.
  • Supports drawing layers for better organization and flexibility.
  • Offers various pens, color palettes, and background textures.
  • Includes a transform tool for easy editing and manipulation of drawings.


  • Less capable compared to professional drawing apps like Procreate or Affinity Design.

2. MyScript Nebo

Elevate your note-taking with MyScript Nebo, the ultimate companion for your Apple Pencil. Effortlessly convert your handwritten words into digital text simply by writing with your Apple Pencil. Experience the magic as your words transform into editable text in real-time, allowing you to capture your thoughts seamlessly.

But that's not all! MyScript Nebo understands that mistakes are part of the process. Easily erase errors by scribbling over the unwanted letter or word, and watch it vanish, enabling you to write the corrected text without any hassle.


  • Real-time text conversion
  • The unique feature of converting characters into the text as you write


  • Dependence on clear and neat writing for accurate recognition

3. PCalc

PCalc, available for just $9.99, offers an exceptional calculator experience for your iPad Pro. Get ready to be amazed by its incredible power and flexibility. Whether you're a student, engineer, or number enthusiast, PCalc has got you covered.

One of the standout features is the ability to see a ticker tape of your calculations, giving you a clear and concise history of your math journey. No more losing track of your calculations or starting from scratch!

PCalc offers a range of modes to suit your needs. Whether you're dealing with complex engineering problems, scientific calculations, or financial tasks, PCalc has the perfect way for you. Simply choose the mode that matches your requirements and let PCalc handle the rest.


  • Plenty of configurable options, allowing you to personalize your calculator experience according to your preferences.


  • PCalc may offer more calculator features than necessary for many users, potentially overwhelming those seeking a simpler calculator solution.

4. PDF Viewer

Annotation Expert the perfect tool for effortlessly editing PDF documents! With this fantastic app, you can conveniently type text and highlight essential sections. Plus, if you have an Apple Pencil, you can even sign your signature directly on the documents. Best of all, this incredible PDF editing experience is absolutely free!

But wait, there's more! By opting for our optional annual subscription upgrade (which includes free in-app purchases), you unlock a world of additional features. Now you can annotate images, seamlessly merge multiple documents into a single PDF, and ensure the security of your files by password-protecting them.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to simplify your PDF editing tasks. Download PDF Viewer - Annotation Expert now and discover a new level of convenience and efficiency!


  • Highly capable PDF viewer and editor
  • Excellent compatibility with the Apple Pencil
  • Efficient for making notes on documents


  • Filling out forms can be tedious

5. LumaFusion

LumaFusion is the ultimate video editing app that enables you to easily create stunning, professional-quality videos! For just $29.99, along with the option of in-app purchases, you'll gain access to a powerful array of features that will take your video editing skills to the next level.

With LumaFusion, you can work with up to 3 video tracks and 3 additional audio tracks, allowing you to unleash your creativity. Imagine showcasing multiple videos simultaneously, arranging them side-by-side, or even creating captivating picture-in-picture-in-picture effects. Not only that, but you have complete control over trimming, resizing, and positioning your video segments anywhere within your project, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing result.

Get ready to unlock your video editing potential and bring your ideas to life. Download LumaFusion today and experience the joy of crafting professional videos that will leave a lasting impact on your audience.


  • Lumafusion provides a professional-quality video editing app
  • Offers a wide range of powerful features for advanced editing


  • The extensive features may require some time to learn and master.

6. Jump Desktop

Jump Desktop is a powerful app that enables seamless connectivity between your iPad Pro and your desktop devices. And the best part? It's available for just $7.99!

With Jump Desktop, you can effortlessly connect to your Windows or macOS devices from your iPad Pro, granting you complete access to all your desktop apps. Whether you need to access essential files, work on documents, or utilize specific software, Jump Desktop has got you covered.

To improve the experience, you can purchase a compatible mouse that works seamlessly with Jump Desktop. This lets you enjoy a more traditional desktop-like experience from your iPad Pro, enhancing your efficiency and comfort.

Experience the power of full desktop access on your iPad Pro by downloading Jump Desktop today!


  • Ability to access traditional Windows or macOS systems from an iPad Pro
  • Enhanced flexibility and convenience for remote access and productivity


  • Limited compatibility of Jump Desktop on the iPad with only two Bluetooth mouse models

7. Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Sid Meier's Civilization VI, a timeless turn-based game, made its way to the iPad in early 2018. This release marked a significant milestone, as it brought the full version of Civilization VI to iOS devices, providing a captivating gaming experience (available for free with in-app purchases). Now, you can enjoy the game's immersive gameplay without the need for a mouse or keyboard, as it has been meticulously designed to integrate with your fingertips seamlessly.

For seasoned Civilization players, the availability of expansion packs is an exciting feature. By purchasing these packs, you can unlock new dimensions and experiences within the game, allowing you to delve deeper into the world of Civilization and discover fresh challenges and opportunities.


  • Offers a full-desktop class gaming experience on an iPad
  • Provides access to high-quality, immersive games typically found on desktop platforms


  • Requires paying a full-desktop class game price, which is often around $59.99
  • Occasional sales may offer discounts of 50-60% off, but the initial cost can still be relatively high


The 7 Best iPad Pro Apps listed above offer an incredible range of functionality and features to enhance your iPad Pro experience. From powerful creative tools to efficient productivity apps, these apps cater to various needs and preferences. Whether you're a designer, writer, student, or simply looking for ways to maximize your iPad Pro's potential, these apps have you covered. Embrace the possibilities, and unleash your creativity with the best free productivity apps for ipad available at your fingertips.