Which Apple AirPods is the Best in Bangladesh in 2023?

Which Apple AirPods is the Best in Bangladesh in 2023?

Regarding wireless earbuds, Apple's AirPods and AirPods Pro models stand out for their exceptional quality and performance. Choosing the best Apple AirPods in Bangladesh can be daunting due to the various models available in the market. 

In this article, we aim to assist you in making an informed decision by comparing the top Apple AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max models across different generations. By considering your needs and budget, we'll provide you with valuable insights to help you choose the perfect AirPods for your requirements.

The 4 Best Apple AirPods in Bangladesh

To simplify your buying process, we have handpicked four exceptional AirPods models in Bangladesh. These best AirPods showcase the power of the H2 chip and offer enhanced performance and improved active noise cancellation. Let's explore our top picks for the best Apple AirPods in BD.

1. Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) 

The Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) is widely regarded as the best AirPods overall, combining stellar audio quality, active noise cancellation, and a comfortable fit. With the inclusion of Apple's H2 chip, these wireless earbuds offer enhanced performance and improved active noise cancellation compared to previous models.

Moreover, the AirPods Pro incorporates Personalized Spatial Audio and Adaptive Transparency features, automatically adjusting audio to your surroundings. This earbuds is sweat- and water-resistant with an IPX4 rating, ensuring durability during workouts or outdoor activities.

While the battery life of the AirPods Pro is limited to six hours, the charging case provides an additional 24 hours, making them suitable for extended use.

Apple AirPods Pro Price in Bangladesh: BDT 24,999

2. Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) 

If you're looking for a more affordable option without compromising on quality, the Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) is the best cheap AirPods available. This earbuds features Apple's H1 headphone chip, ensuring seamless connectivity with Apple devices and integration with Siri. The lightweight and comfortable fit makes it ideal for extended use.

The AirPods (2nd Generation) offers a battery life of five hours on a single charge, providing ample playback time for most activities. While it lacks active noise cancellation, still delivers a satisfying audio experience and convenient features such as automatic device connection and call handling.

For budget-conscious individuals seeking the Apple AirPods experience, the AirPods (2nd Generation) is a reliable and cost-effective choice.

Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) Price in Bangladesh: BDT 17,500

Apple AirPods (3rd Generation

The Apple AirPods (3rd Generation) introduces a new open design, delivering a simpler listening experience. This earbuds automatically turns on when placed in your ears, eliminating the need for manual activation.

With spatial audio and Adaptive EQ, the AirPods (3rd Generation) optimize the audio to provide the best listening possible. The battery life of this earbuds matches that of the AirPods Pro, lasting up to six hours on a single charge. This improved battery performance and the open design make them suitable for various activities, including workouts.

The AirPods (3rd Generation) also offers sweat- and water-resistance, adding durability. While it lacks active noise cancellation, this earbuds improves audio performance and overall user experience.

Apple AirPods (3rd Generation Price in Bangladesh: BDT 19,999

Apple AirPods Max 

For audiophiles who demand the highest sound quality, the Apple AirPods Max is the best choice. These over-ear headphones offer a luxurious and comfortable fit while delivering exceptional audio performance. With features like active noise cancellation and Transparency Mode, users can tailor their listening experience to their environment.

Incorporating spatial audio takes immersion to a whole new level, creating a surround sound-like experience. The AirPods Max utilizes Apple's dynamic driver to provide superior audio quality, and the H1 chip ensures seamless connectivity.

One notable aspect of the AirPods Max is its impressive battery life, offering up to 20 hours of continuous use before recharging. While it comes with a higher price tag, the AirPods Max is the ultimate choice for those who prioritize sound fidelity.

Apple AirPods Max Price in Bangladesh: BDT 54,999

Choosing the Right Apple AirPods 

With several options available, choosing the Apple AirPods that align with your specific needs and preferences is essential. Here's a summary of the best options:

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation): it is the ideal choice for those seeking the best overall AirPods experience. Its exceptional audio quality, active noise cancellation, and comfortable fit provide a premium listening experience.

Apple AirPods (2nd Generation): If you're on a budget, this earbuds offers a lightweight fit, convenient connectivity with Apple devices, and Siri integration. While it lacks active noise cancellation, delivers reliable performance at an affordable price point.

Apple AirPods (3rd Generation): With its automatic turn-on feature, spatial audio, and six-hour battery life, these earbuds provide a simple and enjoyable listening experience. Apple AirPods (3rd Generation) excels in audio performance and durability, making them suitable for various activities.

Apple AirPods Max: Who prioritizes sound quality, the AirPods Max delivers exceptional audio performance with over-ear design, active noise cancellation, and spatial audio. Despite its higher price, offers a luxurious listening experience with an impressive 20-hour battery life.

FAQ: Apple AirPods in Bangladesh

Q.1: Where can I buy Apple AirPods in Bangladesh?

Ans: You can purchase Apple AirPods in Bangladesh from iStock BD, a reputable Apple reseller that offers many conveniences. You can purchase online or visit one of the showrooms in person. 

Q.2: What is the price range for Apple AirPods in Bangladesh?

Ans: The price range for Apple AirPods in Bangladesh varies depending on the model and generation. Prices generally range from BDT 10,000 to BDT 55,000, depending on the specific model and any ongoing promotions or discounts.

Q.3 Are Apple AirPods water-resistant or waterproof?

Ans: Yes, specific models of Apple AirPods offer water resistance. The Apple AirPods Pro and the 3rd Generation AirPods both come with a water-resistant rating of IPX4, making them resistant to sweat and light water splashes. However, it's important to note that they are not fully waterproof and should not be submerged in water.

Q.4  Can I use Apple AirPods with Android devices?

Ans: Yes, you can use Apple AirPods with Android devices. While AirPods are designed to integrate with Apple devices seamlessly, they can also be paired and used with Android smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth. However, some advanced features like Siri integration may not be available when using AirPods with Android devices.

Q.5: Do Apple AirPods come with a warranty in Bangladesh?

Ans: Yes, Apple AirPods purchased from premium sellers in Bangladesh typically come with a limited warranty provided by Apple. The warranty duration may vary, but it generally covers manufacturing defects and malfunctions. 


In conclusion, choosing the best Apple AirPods in Bangladesh depends on your preferences and budget. The AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) excels in audio quality and advanced features, while the AirPods (2nd Generation) provides a more affordable option. The AirPods (3rd Generation) offers simplicity and excellent performance, and the AirPods Max caters to audiophiles seeking the ultimate audio experience. When purchasing AirPods, choose a premium seller like iStock BD for genuine products and warranties. Embrace the wireless audio revolution with Apple AirPods and enhance your listening journey.