Apple Vision Pro Review: An Apple's Revolutionary XR Headset

Apple Vision Pro Review: An Apple's Revolutionary XR Headset

Apple Vision Pro has generated significant excitement and anticipation among tech enthusiasts and consumers. With its remarkable capabilities and innovative features, it promises to redefine the world of extended reality (XR) devices.

In this review, we will explore the key aspects of Apple Vision Pro, including its performance, price in Bangladesh, battery life, video capabilities, and gaming potential.


Apple Vision Pro has impressed early testers with its groundbreaking capabilities and execution of XR technology. While further testing is necessary to validate its claims, this headset demonstrates a significant leap forward in mixed reality. 

With an extensive background of 5,000 filed patents and a talented team, Apple has yet to leave any stone unturned in delivering a product that exhibits its trademark ambition and attention to detail.

Apple Vision Pro Price in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the Apple Vision Pro is available at BDT3,80,000. Although it falls on the higher end of the price spectrum, this device is tailored for power users and early adopters who seek cutting-edge XR experiences. The investment is justified considering the advanced technology and unparalleled performance it offers.

Apple Vision Pro Battery

The battery life of Apple Vision Pro is an essential consideration for users who value extended usage sessions. While specific details regarding battery capacity are not disclosed, early impressions suggest that Apple has prioritized optimizing the battery performance to ensure prolonged usage. 

The device aims to strike a balance between power consumption and providing an immersive XR experience.

Apple Vision Pro Video Capabilities

Apple Vision Pro stands out with its ability to deliver breathtaking visuals. Boasting a staggering 24 million pixels spread across two panels, this headset surpasses most consumer-grade headsets in pixel density. The improved optics further enhance the visual quality, producing crisp and vibrant imagery. 

Whether you're watching 3D movies or capturing videos, Apple Vision Pro promises an unparalleled visual experience.

Apple Vision Pro Games

Gaming enthusiasts will find Apple Vision Pro to be a competent device. Its precise eye-tracking and gesture control enable natural and intuitive interactions with virtual environments. 

Unlike other headsets, Apple's implementation allows hand gestures to be recognized from various positions. It provides enhanced comfort during extended gaming sessions. Additionally, the high-resolution display ensures that text and graphics in games are sharp and easily legible, strengthening the overall immersive gaming experience.

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Surprising Moments with the Headset

When exploring the capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro, we were pleasantly surprised by Apple's meticulous attention to detail. Every aspect of the headset, from its design to its features, showcases a commitment to delivering an exceptional XR experience. These surprising moments indeed highlight the dedication and innovation behind the development of the Apple Vision Pro.

Achieving Realistic Digital Avatars

One of the standout features of the Apple Vision Pro is its ability to create realistic digital avatars. Despite my initial skepticism, Apple surpassed expectations by generating accurate and lifelike representations of users based solely on a scan of their faces using the Vision Pro headset. 

The attention to detail extends to skin tension, muscle movements, and facial expressions, which are convincingly rendered using machine learning models. Interacting with others in FaceTime calls and similar scenarios felt natural and far from uncanny. Apple's achievement in this area is commendable.

Exceptional Visual Clarity and Sharpness

The visual clarity and sharpness offered by the Apple Vision Pro are truly exceptional. With its high-resolution display and advanced optics, this XR headset provides an unparalleled level of detail. 

Whether exploring 3D environments or engaging with virtual content, the visuals are crisp and vivid, captivating users with stunning realism. Apple's dedication to delivering a superior visual experience is evident in the clarity and precision achieved with the Vision Pro.

Enhanced 3D Movie Experience

For enthusiasts of 3D movies, the Apple Vision Pro offers an immersive and captivating viewing experience. Its capabilities are ideally suited for this format, allowing users to enjoy 3D movies with remarkable depth and clarity. With the Vision Pro, films like "Avatar: Way of Water" come to life, showcasing the headset's ability to enhance the 3D format.

Additionally, the Vision Pro enables users to capture their own 3D photos and videos, opening up new creative possibilities.

Smooth and Simple Setup Process

Apple's commitment to providing a seamless user experience is evident in the smooth and simple setup process of the Vision Pro. Within minutes, users can set up the headset and dive into their XR adventures. This streamlined approach reflects Apple's dedication to user-friendly interfaces and intuitive design. 

By minimizing setup complexities, Apple ensures that users can quickly and effortlessly immerse themselves in the world of XR.

Impressive Hardware and Immersive Visuals

At the core of the Apple Vision Pro lies a remarkable hardware setup that delivers truly immersive visuals. Boasting an impressive 24 million pixels across its dual panels, this XR headset offers unparalleled clarity and detail, surpassing the visual capabilities of most consumer-grade headsets available in the market.

The optics have been meticulously designed to enhance visual quality, while the comfortable and adjustable headband ensures a snug fit for extended usage without sacrificing comfort.

Seamless Interactions with Hand and Eye Tracking Innovations

One of the standout features of the Apple Vision Pro is its advanced hand and eye-tracking technology, which enables seamless and intuitive interactions with virtual content. The device's precise hand-tracking capability allows users to perform natural gestures from various positions, providing a more immersive and realistic experience. 

Additionally, the eye-tracking system ensures that users can effortlessly navigate and interact with objects by precisely highlighting the elements they are focusing on, further enhancing the overall immersion.

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Enhancing Realism and User Comfort

The Apple Vision Pro aims to provide users with a heightened sense of realism and comfort during XR experiences. By addressing common barriers encountered in XR devices, such as latency-driven nausea and feelings of isolation, Apple has prioritized user comfort. 

The headset's R1 chip, with its system-wide polling rate of 12ms, ensures smooth and judder-free performance, minimizing discomfort and enhancing the overall XR experience. Moreover, the passthrough feature, which provides users with a real-time 4K view of their surroundings, helps alleviate any concerns related to spatial awareness and enhances the overall sense of presence.


Apple Vision Pro showcases remarkable advancements in XR technology, marking a significant step forward in mixed reality. While it is too early to make sweeping judgments, the device demonstrates exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

With its powerful features, including accurate eye tracking, gesture control, and immersive visuals, Apple Vision Pro has the potential to transform the way we perceive and interact with digital content.

As developers and Apple continue to refine the device and release software updates, we eagerly anticipate the public's response and the possibilities in spatial computing.